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  1. The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide
    The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

    Tis’ the season for gifting. We’re getting closer to Christmas and, this year more than ever, why not try and shop for meaningful gifts? Our jewels go beyond metal and stone. We believe that jewellery can inspire and empower, each and every woman, to be who she wants to be.

    Spread the light this festive season and be the reason for your special woman’s smile, that will last way beyond Christmas morning.

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    Treat Her (or Yourself!) to an Exclusive Set

    We’ve created specific sets for Christmas that we know she’ll love. From full sets from our new Starlight collection to sets from the Habbata c

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  2. Mvintage Takes a Stand Against Gender-Based Violence On this Day, and Always
    Mvintage Takes a Stand Against Gender-Based Violence On this Day, and Always

    Mvintage Takes a Stand Against Gender-Based Violence On this Day, and Always

    On International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Mvintage shows its support towards Dar Merhba Bik, one of Malta’s biggest emergency domestic violence accommodation for women and their children.

    Mvintage, as a brand, holds women and organisations that empower women at its forefront. The 25th of November is the official day dedicated to the elimination of violence against women and Mvintage showed its full support, together as a team, to Dar Merhba Bik, an organisation that welcomes women and their children within their safe walls. Krystle Penza, Mvintage Founder & Designer, Petra Alisa Vella, Head of Retail and Operations, together with Mvintage staff, stood together in front of Mvintage Concept Store Iklin, with words of encouragement, holding up a plaque with the statement #NoToViolence.

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  3.  Mvintage proclaims Women as our today’s Sheroes
    Mvintage proclaims Women as our today’s Sheroes

    “Admire who you are, believe in yourself, have faith in your capabilities bring out the power within you and shine in your full glory. We can, We Are Sheroes”. These are the words of Krystle Penza, Mvintage Founder and Designer, in her message aiming to empower women in our society and increase awareness on breast cancer.

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  4. Admiration SHERO - Alison Kelly
    Admiration SHERO - Alison Kelly

    Surviving her own battle with breast cancer, Alison’s beautiful and courageous heart proves what real inner strength can achieve. A truly admirable lady for her will power and grace, that makes her our Admiration SHERO.

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  5. Faith SHERO - Gabi Calleja
    Faith SHERO - Gabi Calleja

    A woman with outstanding determination, focus and faith that encourages her to keep fighting for equality in the face of many uphill challenges. An advocate for the local LGBTQ community.

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  6. Kindness SHERO–Francesca Runcie
    Kindness SHERO–Francesca Runcie

    A passionate activist for animal rights, Francesca Runcle raised more than €140,000 to build an abandoned dog sanctuary in Birzebbuga. Her kindness knows no limits when it comes to protecting our four-legged friends and we can all agree that she is their SHERO. 

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  7. Protection SHERO- Elaine Pavia
    Protection SHERO- Elaine Pavia

    Over a hundred domestically abused women, together with their children, seek shelter in Dar Merhba Bik every year. These women are re-empowered and supported to re-establish their independence.

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  8. Love SHERO- Graziella Bartolo Pizzuto
    Love SHERO- Graziella Bartolo Pizzuto

    A story of pure love. Mother and daughter. Graziella Bartolo Pizzuto was shocked when her daughter Faith was diagnosed with down syndrome at birth. Today, Graziella started a wave of change within the Maltese community. She supports other women with downs syndrome children and emphasises that there is nothing down with down syndrome.

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  9. “Fight with your spirit – no one can take that away from you” –  Amy Camilleri Zahra, Meningitis Survivor
    “Fight with your spirit – no one can take that away from you” – Amy Camilleri Zahra, Meningitis Survivor

    In February 2006, at the age of 21, whilst Amy was a student at the University of Malta, she contracted meningitis – a devastating bacterial infection which creates havoc in your body. As an effect of the infection, Amy lost both legs from below the knee, 9 fingers and later her kidney function.

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  10. Mvintage Honours 50 Superhero Women
    Mvintage Honours 50 Superhero Women

    50 women were honoured as superheroes by Mvintage, following nominations collected through the brand’s social media channels. These superheroes are all different from one another, but they all have one thing in common – they are all inspirational women, especially during these extraordinary times. No matter how hard these times are, all of these women are fighting hard to keep going and for this we all admire them. Some are medical professionals in hospital or homes, others are pharmacists, mothers, police women, sales people, teachers, and bankers.   

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